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About Me

Welcome to my journey. I would love you to look around and find out more about why I am here and what I love.

I am a colour lover. I am an artist.

I love to brighten the way in whichever way I can. My artworks bring brightness and light to the world with their vibrant colours and inspiring imagery. Recently I’ve been using my artworks to bring objects to life too so that my clients can take that joy with them wherever they go. It is so important to see the beautiful colour in life that surrounds you and to feel that joy in your heart when you see it!

I am also so much more than an artist. I am a survivor.

Yes that is a big statement but about a year and a half ago I didn't want to be on the planet. Do you know why? I was in the throws of antidepressant withdrawal hell. I didn't know then what I know now. I didn't know that withdrawing from antidepressants takes time and it’s a long journey. I didn't know then that what was happening in my head had so much more to do with what was happening in my entire body. As I crashed at the bottom of a dark ravine, I began to claw my way back up and learn so much more about myself and the world of mental and holistic health along the way.

As I climbed up the mountain and began telling my entire story at each stop, people would thank me for sharing that vulnerability. It meant that they were not alone on their own journey up the mountain. As I learn, I share what I know to help others. I am now tapering from my antidepressant again but with so much more knowledge. Knowledge I would like to share with you to brighten and light the way.

I am not at the top of the mountain yet, but slowly and surely I am ascending.

As I go up the mountain I stop along the way and get out my painting tools to create something bright and inspiring. At other stops I need to get out my other tools to keep my mental and physical health in top condition.

In the meantime, if I can make the journey easier for just one other person, then I feel blessed. Are you ready to put your hiking gear on?




Port Pirie Regional Tourism and Arts Centre - 3 Mary Elie Street, Port Pirie, SA 5540

Carapace - 3 Railway Tce, Beachport, SA

Red Mandala - Shop 2, 1303 North East Rd, Tea Tree Gully, SA