About Me

You know that they say a picture can tell a thousand words? It is that magic of silent message of the artist and the inspiration, motivation and joy a painting delivers to the observer.

In this space of the internet, you will find my expression of emotions through my mixed media art. You get to dive into the imagery and let it guide you through imagination, feelings and your own unique experience.

Though my art, I am finding my voice continually and I simply love the endless possibilities it gives. Through my voice, I aim to allow others to find theirs and see a reflection of their inner desires, dreams and passions. Maybe you relate to a memory, maybe you're sparked with creativity or maybe you find your own soul somewhere inside. Let yourself experience.

My art is filled with bright colours, and inspiring imagery. I take you on a journey not only of colour, but one of communication, expression and inner joy.

I live in a small country town in South Australia, with my husband and two beautiful boys. My own journey in mixed media art began in 2013, when I was given the BEST Christmas present ever... yearlong painting tutorials. Just like the images you find here are not just paintings but so much more, the training I had was not just tutorials but the birth of my own authentic expression in the world.

It is my gift to myself, you and the world.