Special bonds


This is the story of a hearing impaired girl who loves butterflies. This is also the story of the lady who was like a second mother to her during her primary school days. This is the story of how the lady and girl formed such as special bond as one helped the other navigate through primary school life without sound. This is the also the story of how now that girl will be following her dreams and heading into high school without that lady by her side but with the knowledge that their special friendship has made such an impact on both of these women.

I was told this story by the girls actual mother, who wanted to have a keepsake in their lives about this beautiful story.

I was able to create this wonderful story through my artwork.


After they received their story in art form, I received this feedback…

”We are all so happy, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts for producing such an emotionally charged piece for us.”

If you would like me to tell your story, you can book in to have me create a beautiful and personal artwork just for you.

Jess x