Art and Life

A mixed media original art work. #mixedmedia #art #originalpainting  

BIG shifts have happened in my life in the last week and at first I thought I would have hit the ground running and have this cool first ever launching postto share with you all but instead i felt like i kind of was hit by a truck!

My eldest son started school last monday and leading up to it all I thought woohoo, I will finally have some time to get really stuck into my art and spend some creative energy. I didn't cry when he went off to his first day but as the week progressed my youngest and I really began to notice his absence. So rather than getting really organised and artsy my youngest and I kind of just moped around the house. I spent most of the week finalising bits and pieces for this website and my little sidekick spent most of the week clinging to my side wondering what to do with himself because he wasn't playing with or being 'put in jail' by his older brother.

I think the biggest thing I have noticed is that I have gone from knowing every single thing that has happened in my sons life (and to controlling most things!) to having those big gaps in every day where I have no idea if he is coping or if he is happy or sad. It is a much bigger emotional change than I ever expected.

So now I turn my attention to getting back on to my perch after last weeks slip and focus my energies on the time I have with my youngest and giving myself the grace to spend some time on me and my dreams.

A mixed media original art work. #mixedmedia #art #originalpainting

I finally got some creating done yesterday and it felt good. It was a relief to know I still had it in me. This piece is a bit of representation of me at the moment. I have the courage to see where this art journey takes me and it is ok to focus on something that I want and is going to make me happy.

A mixed media original art work. #mixedmedia #art #originalpainting

What do you have the courage to do today?

Jess x

P.S this strong little lady will be up in my Etsy shop soon if you want her to help provide you with your own bit of courage.