Art Studio Inspiration

This week was a big one. Our slab went down!!! So that means my little art room is one step closer to becoming a bigger art room- yay! If you want to have a reminder about how I'm currently doing my art you can read about that here. So today I thought I'd show some inspiration that I have found from my roamings on Pinterest (you can follow me here). How lovely is this bright white space and that yellow door!!!! 

 art room inspiration  Via This desk is awesome!!! Big enough for doing my art in one area and a place for all the 'techie' stuff in another!

 art studio inspiration  Via A bit of old world charm and a pop of colour perhaps...

 art studio inspiration  Via Three desks... Yes please! And a rug, so I don't ruin the floor with all the paint drips!!  art studio inspiration  Via Yep I'm getting excited! 

What do you think?