Art that brightens the way for others..

A little while ago I got a message on my FB page from one of our local hospital employees. In that message she told me that the hospital had just built on an extra area for Palliative care patients. A local family who has been devastatingly effected by cancer had raised funds with the help of the local community to fund a palliative care suite where patients and their families could have a place that was comforting at a very difficult time in people's lives.  When the hospital committee were thinking about brightening the palliative care space up, my art was mentioned and I was contacted. I was honoured that my artwork would be an integral part of brightening up the area and giving light and courage to others in a particularly sad time in their lives. The family that initiated the funding for the new Palliative Care area, are also close to my heart and so it was without any hesitation that I supplied my artwork for their space.

I felt my recent 'Magical Underwater World' artwork would be one perfect addition to the space along with several other works. 

I sincerely hope that my colourful artworks help brighten the way for the clients of the Palliative Care suite in some small way.