Childhood memories captured...

There is something special about that time in your childhood that you spent with your siblings. There were always pokes and screaming matches and fights but luckily there were hugs and giggles and the 'us against them' ideals of parents versus the kids. I was luckily enough to capture those childhood memories for a client  recently so that she would have that memory forever.

And this time my artwork was all about boys who love tractors, farming and being outdoors. It took me a little while to get an idea for this piece but after mulling over it until I was happy with my idea, I began to sketch and play...

And so this unique artwork was born. It now hangs in the playroom where the boys let their imaginations run wild and just perhaps their mum gets a cup of tea in peace. 😉


childhood memories captured
childhood memories captured

I love capturing childhood memories for clients as I love keeping that magic and imagination alive throughout time. Do you want to keep that magic alive in your house? Please get in touch and I would love to make some magic for you or a special someone in your life!

Jess x