Connecting families...

I love custom orders and I love telling stories that keeps families connected, through my artwork.

Late last year a client who had received some previous artwork from me, contacted me again to see if I could do a special piece for her daughter. Her daughter was going away to school and the client wanted her wonderful bond with her daughter to continue even though they would now be living apart.

The client sent me a photo of her and her daughter and the only specification that was given was that her daughters favourite colour was blue.

connecting families
connecting families

So i got to play, and this is what i came up with...



I loved that i could show how special the bond between this mother and daughter was, with my little extra touches.

The client was very happy with those little extra touches too...

"I'm speechless...So beautiful....I have one happy girl!  She loves it as much as I do."

connecting families
connecting families

The artwork now takes pride of place above the clients daughters bed at her home away from home. Now that makes my heart sing. 

Do you have a family connection you want kept alive? I would love to hear from you and listen to your story so we can make something unique together.

Jess x