Help me fly


My eldest has been at School for two weeks now (you can read about how I coped here) and my youngest and I are slowly coming to terms with it and getting our own routine happening again.

One thing I have noticed as I drop my boy off in the morning, is the amount of little boys and girls shedding tears as they also adjust to this big step in their life. My heart melts for them but by the end of the day when I am collecting my little man from school all the tears have gone and everyone is relatively happy (albeit a little tired).

This really struck me that we as the parents leave our children each day, it is their friends that pick them up and get them through the day. So from these observation came some art...

help me fly


help me fly

help me fly It turns out that nothing much changes as you get older either, those that you spend the most time with, will help pull you out of ruts and lift you up when you need it most too!

help me fly


Jess X

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