I am back and a post holiday sale!


Well, I am back from two weeks away in sunny Queensland and we had the most loveliest, warm and relaxing (mostly) time away.

We landed in Brisbane late Friday night and then spent the next 3 days driving long hours to get to Port Douglas by Monday to meet up with the rest of my family. This part of the holiday was not so fun but we did it and the boys behaved really well, considering. The portable dvd players came out and you know what, I am ok with that because it meant for a more peaceful trip for all of us!

When we finally reached Port Douglas we got to spend the week there with my parents, sister and brother and their families. It was the perfect way to unwind and connect with all the other members of the family. My boys got to spend time with their cousins and there were not too may fights so I was happy.



After the beautiful week in Port Douglas it was time to say goodbye and make the trek back to Brisbane. This time we took a little longer to make our way down the coast and we got to see some more beautiful scenery along the way. The road trip home also meant our little family unit got to spend some stress free time together.



One thing I really noticed on this holiday was that I really enjoyed the time I spent with my children. I think it was mainly because I really let go of the worry that, i needed to make sure my eldest was doing his reading for school everyday, or that the boys were getting to bed at a specific time so that they weren't too tired and grumpy for the next day of school or day care. I guess we were also all experiencing new things all the time and so not stuck at home wondering what to do each day.

So, now we are back to the coldness of SA and we have a couple of more days before school goes back and the everyday routine starts again. Sure enough the holiday is but a distant memory as the boys and I braved the local shopping centre yesterday and it was a nightmare to be honest! Yep back to the reality of everyday living!

Anyway onwards and upwards, as renovations have finally started on our house (woohoo) and that means a bigger studio for me and I might actually have the inclination to do some painting when I have some warmth around me (you can see where I do my art at the moment here and why the coldness of winter isn't my friend when it comes to getting into my studio.)   

Now, for those of you have been kind enough to read to the end of this post, I have a little gift for you. 

I wish I was still on holidays and the sun was still warming my skin, so with every purchase you make in my shop until the end of July receives 15% off. To take part in this offer you need to go to my shop and use the Discount code HOLIDAY2015 at checkout. I hope that this little gift gives you some warmth and sunshine wherever you are. Happy shopping.