Keeping memories alive

I love getting special requests from friends to do a unique piece of artwork that signifies special memories in their lives.

A little while ago a dear friend asked me to do a piece for her daughter, that showed her daughters individuality and spunk. She also wanted some reminders for her daughter of childhood memories. So I started with a beautiful little face...

keeping memories alive


Next came a bright and colourful dress...

keeping memories alive

Followed by a background...

keeping memories alive

And then the finer details were added...

keeping memories alive

White butterflies, wishes and rainbows all held significant and special meaning to both mother and daughter. As did the green grass with polka dots that signified the daughters favourite blankie and the blue bear that she carries in her pocket also being a favourite childhood toy.

keeping memories alive

When I finished the artwork both my friend and daughter absolutely loved it! They both kept finding new elements that they hadn't seen the last time they had looked, which brought them joy all over again.

keeping memories alive Now the artwork hangs above the my friends daughters bed and brightens her dreams each night.

Have you got something special that you don't want to forget the finer details from? Please get in touch and we can help keep those memories alive in a beautiful way.