Love and family, they go together.

Sometimes it's not all roses  being a kid. Sometimes you need reminders to help you get through the thorny parts.

I feel blessed when a client contacts me to help those children blossom. I had that opportunity a little while ago...

A mother wanted to show her love for her children by getting a unique piece of artwork to show them how special they are to her. The mother told me that each of her children were having some learning difficulties but were doing well in other areas. She wanted to remind them of the journey that they were on with this quote.. "Childhood is not a race to see how quickly a child can read, write and count. Childhood is a small window of time to learn and develop at the pace which is right for the individual."

love and family
love and family

And so the above piece was born. The client was thrilled with the final piece...

"I love it...Its better than anything I had imagined... I love is even more in the flesh."

Of course i was delighted because she was delighted.

Have you got someone you love scrambling through some thorn bushes? Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to brighten their lives even just a little so that they could blossom to their full potential that you know is possible. Please get in contact and I can create something inspirational to brighten their way.