Popping up on the plains!

   It's been a busy week here! Literally last week I got a call from the girls at Pop up on the Plains asking if I would like to attend their upcoming gala cup event with my art because we they had a last minute cancellation. So what ensued was some fast talking to my husband, my in-laws and a very good friend to see if I could pull it all off. With the support of all of these great people in my life meant, ITS A GOER PEOPLE!!! Next Wednesday 2nd September (I know, can you believe it's September already!) you will find me and my artwork at George St, Balaklava with 11 other beautiful retailers. If you are heading out for the day, I would love for you to come and say hello.

Head over to Pop Up on the Plains Facebook  page for all the lovely details.

And in other news... We have cement going down in our back yard! Yippee!! 

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