Remember when...

Remember when a friend asked me to do an abstract art piece for her and I showed you my first attempts here and then I promised to show the result (and now I wished I hadn't promised.)

Well here is the final piece.

remember when

The friend said she loved it (gee she is a good friend), because I wasn't a 100% happy with the outcome.

I really loved the process of having a play with the inks, but to get them just so really didn't do it for me. The first time I tried the abstract on canvas the Inks faded, so I had to re-ink it.

If any of you are reading this and have any tips on how to make them more vibrant on canvas like they were on my paper attempts, I would greatly appreciate it. I used Dylusion sprays for this canvas.

The art of abstract art still eludes me so I think I will leave this kind of art to the professionals of that area and I will stick to my girls and my animals.

Jess x