Springtime surprise

springtime surprise

Those of you who know me well, know that I love Instagram. It such a lovely and positive place to get lost in beautiful captures and people's lives from all over the world.

I follow lots of lovely ladies on Instagram including Lucy who is one very talented and inspiring photographer. If you would like to follow her, you can find her at @capturebylucy on her instagram account. Earlier in the year Lucy decided that it would be lovely to give and receive some thoughtful and friendly gifts in the mail from someone that you don't know across the globe. So the #sprintimesurpriseproject was born.

There gets to a point where bills in the mail just don't cut it and so I jumped at the chance to send and receive some snail mail goodness!

Once we all signed up  Lucy selected who we would give and receive our goodness from.  I was thrilled to see that I was able to send some goodness to another very talented artist and maker, Georgie, who does all gorgeous thinks with paints and flowers. You can follow her on Instagram at @gerorgiestclair (and you won't be disappointed).

So I got to and collected my springtime surprise project goodies, parcelled them up and sent them around the world to Georgie.

springtime surprise

I waited excitedly for something other than those dreaded bills to make its way to my letter box.

Then this week the mail lady delivered a parcel that had that identifying 'air mail' sticker and I just couldn't wait to open it.

springtime surprise

And oh my goodness, how LUCKY was I!!! There was so much goodness in that parcel that I had to have a cup of tea and admire it all! and to have so much of Georgies' creations in my hands was just the icing on the cake!!

springtime surprise

springtime surprise


So I want to say thank you to Lucy for organising the wonderful springtime surprise project and also thank you to the very kind Georgie for her beautiful and generous gifts. This little protect certainly lifted my spirits and made the ordinary mail run extraordinary.

Have a great week!

Jess x