Studio tour

Many of you have asked if I have my own studio to work in.

I thought I would share with you where I do work... I call it my whole in the wall.

studio tour

My studio is about 2 metres wide by about 4 meteres long. It is a lean-to on the back of the house. So the gaps in the walls are big enough to let mice in, and heat out. But it is my little space and I have made it mine.

My desk was made by my husband who took an old bed and an old coffee table and came up with an art desk.

studio tour

My sons old change table has become my supplies holder.

studio tour

I have old suitcases that hold my art prints and my originals.

studio tour

I made the curtains from old tablecloths and doilies.


So that is my little studio space....For now.

There are changes afoot, so stay tuned.

Jess x