Telling a story..

I love custom orders and I love telling a story through my artwork. So when the two get a chance to combine, my heart soars and magic happens.

I love when my surrounding community hear about my love of telling a story and seek me out to create a story just for them or their loved ones, this is extra special for me.

Late last year I was honored to to be able to tell the story (thus far) of three children from the one family. Each child was going to get their own story told through my artwork and then receive the artwork for Christmas by their parents.

I was given the brief and was sent photos of each of the three children.

The youngest of the three children was a boy who loved trains, motorbikes and boating with his dad. He wants to be a builder when he grows up.

telling a story

telling a story

The middle child was an energetic little lady, who loved monkeys and her favorite colour was aqua.

telling a story

The eldest girl was described to me as the quiet one, with a gentle soul and had a love for caterpillars.

telling a story

Now their childhood would be something that they could hold onto forever, through the telling of a story that I produced with paint and heart.

When I finished the pieces and showed their mother she was rapt...

"There are seriously no words...I'm speechless with tears in my eyes....simply beautiful, i absolutely love them all...I keep finding little things that i hadn't noticed before...I seriously cant thank you enough."


My heart is full when I get feedback like this. It makes me want to keep telling those special stories for a long time to come.

Have you got a story you would like told? I would love you to get in touch so that we can make something amazing together.

Jess x