For the love of journals.

 for love of journalsWho doesn't love a place to jot down their inner thoughts, ideas and dreams. Wether that be in written or pictorial form,  Journals are the perfect place to let go of your worries, get lost in the moment or create big visions for the future.

I think this is especially important for pre-teens and teenagers to have that special place somewhere that they can do whatever they want in to get their anxieties out of their head or their creative juices flowing without judgement from anyone.

I mention young ones because on numerous occasions I have seen parents not trusting that their child's decision right for them at the time.

 for love of journals

At a market I attended recently, I was really saddened that one young girl wasn't able to spend her own money on a journal of mine, where she would be able to write down her dreams and let her creativity soar. It isn't even about buying my Journals. That girl could have bought any journal from anywhere, (although of course I was completely chuffed that she loved mine), it was the fact that her parents didn't want her to 'waste' her money on something on a place for creation or even therapy. Hell, she could have spent that money on her next hit of Ice with her friends, but she chose not to (that may be a bit dramatic but it proves my point better), she chose to attend a market with her parents. As parents we need to be wary of what we are teaching our children by not trusting in the decisions they make, I think we need to be careful what we are really pushing them in to. for the love of journals

On another occasion, a young girl wanted to buy one my paintings with her own money that she had saved. The painting was of a girl dreaming up all the possibilities she could do in life. The conversation between the mother and daughter saw the mother putting off the daughter as best she could... Again it is not about my painting it is about the mother not trusting the daughters decision to want something up on her own wall that allows her to imagine all that she wants from the world and go get it. On that occasion the girl stuck to her guns and bought my painting but not without the obvious lack of approval from her mother. That girl spent her well earned money on something that will brighten and inspire her everyday and I am forever humbled that I can take a small part in that journey.

for the love of journals

Remember to trust in the good of our children ( believe me, I need to remember this too!). We brought them up, so they have to be good right?

I would love hear your thoughts on this?



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