Love and family, they go together.

Sometimes it's not all roses  being a kid. Sometimes you need reminders to help you get through the thorny parts.

I feel blessed when a client contacts me to help those children blossom. I had that opportunity a little while ago...

A mother wanted to show her love for her children by getting a unique piece of artwork to show them how special they are to her. The mother told me that each of her children were having some learning difficulties but were doing well in other areas. She wanted to remind them of the journey that they were on with this quote.. "Childhood is not a race to see how quickly a child can read, write and count. Childhood is a small window of time to learn and develop at the pace which is right for the individual."

love and family
love and family

And so the above piece was born. The client was thrilled with the final piece...

"I love it...Its better than anything I had imagined... I love is even more in the flesh."

Of course i was delighted because she was delighted.

Have you got someone you love scrambling through some thorn bushes? Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to brighten their lives even just a little so that they could blossom to their full potential that you know is possible. Please get in contact and I can create something inspirational to brighten their way.



Keeping memories alive

I love getting special requests from friends to do a unique piece of artwork that signifies special memories in their lives.

A little while ago a dear friend asked me to do a piece for her daughter, that showed her daughters individuality and spunk. She also wanted some reminders for her daughter of childhood memories. So I started with a beautiful little face...

keeping memories alive


Next came a bright and colourful dress...

keeping memories alive

Followed by a background...

keeping memories alive

And then the finer details were added...

keeping memories alive

White butterflies, wishes and rainbows all held significant and special meaning to both mother and daughter. As did the green grass with polka dots that signified the daughters favourite blankie and the blue bear that she carries in her pocket also being a favourite childhood toy.

keeping memories alive

When I finished the artwork both my friend and daughter absolutely loved it! They both kept finding new elements that they hadn't seen the last time they had looked, which brought them joy all over again.

keeping memories alive Now the artwork hangs above the my friends daughters bed and brightens her dreams each night.

Have you got something special that you don't want to forget the finer details from? Please get in touch and we can help keep those memories alive in a beautiful way.




Connecting families...

I love custom orders and I love telling stories that keeps families connected, through my artwork.

Late last year a client who had received some previous artwork from me, contacted me again to see if I could do a special piece for her daughter. Her daughter was going away to school and the client wanted her wonderful bond with her daughter to continue even though they would now be living apart.

The client sent me a photo of her and her daughter and the only specification that was given was that her daughters favourite colour was blue.

connecting families
connecting families

So i got to play, and this is what i came up with...



I loved that i could show how special the bond between this mother and daughter was, with my little extra touches.

The client was very happy with those little extra touches too...

"I'm speechless...So beautiful....I have one happy girl!  She loves it as much as I do."

connecting families
connecting families

The artwork now takes pride of place above the clients daughters bed at her home away from home. Now that makes my heart sing. 

Do you have a family connection you want kept alive? I would love to hear from you and listen to your story so we can make something unique together.

Jess x

Telling a story..

I love custom orders and I love telling a story through my artwork. So when the two get a chance to combine, my heart soars and magic happens.

I love when my surrounding community hear about my love of telling a story and seek me out to create a story just for them or their loved ones, this is extra special for me.

Late last year I was honored to to be able to tell the story (thus far) of three children from the one family. Each child was going to get their own story told through my artwork and then receive the artwork for Christmas by their parents.

I was given the brief and was sent photos of each of the three children.

The youngest of the three children was a boy who loved trains, motorbikes and boating with his dad. He wants to be a builder when he grows up.

telling a story

telling a story

The middle child was an energetic little lady, who loved monkeys and her favorite colour was aqua.

telling a story

The eldest girl was described to me as the quiet one, with a gentle soul and had a love for caterpillars.

telling a story

Now their childhood would be something that they could hold onto forever, through the telling of a story that I produced with paint and heart.

When I finished the pieces and showed their mother she was rapt...

"There are seriously no words...I'm speechless with tears in my eyes....simply beautiful, i absolutely love them all...I keep finding little things that i hadn't noticed before...I seriously cant thank you enough."


My heart is full when I get feedback like this. It makes me want to keep telling those special stories for a long time to come.

Have you got a story you would like told? I would love you to get in touch so that we can make something amazing together.

Jess x


New artwork and a giveaway!

I have been busy in my little art room, having a go at new things. Playing with bigger abstract paintings and trying to just let it happen and see what ends up. Also playing with water colours and inks and keeping it simple and see what ends up.

Here are the results of my playing...

 the black bird ...and the little one said...

'let whats in your heart soar' the girl with the flower crown

the girl with the feather in her hair So what do you think?

These are all for sale in my online store here. In others exciting news, renovations have officially started on our house. Woohoo!!!

 new art and a giveaway So I thought I'd share my happiness around and GIVEAWAY one ORIGINAL a3 artwork from my online store to one lucky winner.

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You have until the 31st of August to enter.