This little piggy went to market day

  this little piggy went to market

I know, I know, it has been a while since my last blog post. But lots has been happening in that missing period so slowly but surely I will fill you in on it all!

First of all I want to say a hello and welcome to all my new subscribers. Thank you so much for joining my journey and I hope you enjoy the ride.

So back to what has been happening lately.

A couple of weeks ago i attended my first ever Adelaide handmade market day called The Red Umbrella Market. In the lead up to that market day I went to ground busily getting ready and preparing to make my art, business and brand the best it could be.

this little piggy went to market


On the 17th of May three of my beautiful friends and I took the Red Umbrella Market day by storm and showed the best of JESS CRAWFORD ART.

this little piggy went to market

I got to learn more about my customers; the ladies with their newborn wanting to find the perfect art to decorate their nursery; and the lady with the gorgeous earrings made from tin and the story behind those earrings.

I sold two of my original artworks on market day. My watercolor Giraffe and my watercolor Rhino (but don't worry, I still have prints available of these lovelies available in my shop here.) The amount of people that loved and commented on the Giraffe amazed me. So some watercolor fun definitely appears to be in my future!

this litle piggy went to market   this little piggy went to market

I also sold lots of my Art Prints which really made my day. I think when you make a decision to reproduce your artwork in print format, you hope that all those lovely little reproductions will go out into the peoples homes that may not be able to afford an original artwork. Also you hope that your idea to print your artwork means that there are enough people out there that like what you do!!!

this little piggy went to market

The Red Umbrella Market day was a great success and do you know on the way home that day, i bought a Magnum Icecream and as i licked that last little bit of deliciousness i saw that I had won another Magnum. Yep it was a bloody good day!

Jess x