When there is a dip in the journey...


So it turns out that I really don't cope well with major change. I haven't been coping with my eldest being at school and having that loss of control. Does this sound familiar to anyone else?

I know I haven't been coping because I haven't been doing much art either. I have been so overwhelmed with all the possibilities of what I could be doing that I have been frozen with fear and not doing anything. I have also been so wrapped up in making art for what I think other people might like and want to buy, that I have forgotten how to enjoy the process of making art (which is why I started making art in the first place).

I remember watching an interview with the artist Flora Bowley where she said something like "It is great to get inspiration from other artists on the Internet but after a time you need to turn the computer off and trust your own talent and intuition". So with this in mind, I have stopped looking at Pinterest everyday. I will still look at it but maybe only once a week.

Although I have not created any paintings this week, I have been able to have some fun and create some photos that I am proud of. They weren't really made for anyone but me and I really ENJOYED the PROCESS.

Now to remember all I just wrote in my future creative processes!!!!